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Getting a reading from Jessica is like sitting down at the kitchen table for some great advice from a good friend. Her easy conversational style of reading is such a joy to listen to, while she gets right to the heart of the matter. Her Divine Mother reading was a really insightful and perceptive dive into where I was at that moment of my life. An incredibly helpful snapshot that was both comforting, knowing I was on the right track, and useful, highlighting the way forward for me. I highly recommend Jessica's tarot and astrology readings. 

Elaine M
"A reading from Jessica is like sitting down at the kitchen table for some great advice from a good friend"

I was really impressed with everything about Jessica's birth chart and tarot card reading! (I don't remember exactly which one I had, I think about being on the right life or career path) She has a genuine, down-to-earth approach which makes something potentially complicated really accessible and easy to understand. The reading was super thorough and in-depth, I couldn't believe it was almost an hour of information - such value for money! I love Jessica's fun and humorous style, she comes across as approachable, chilled and relaxed, and very professional at the same time, a great mix! It was such a good investment, like having a knowledgeable friend tell you you're on the right track in life and the astrological reasons why. I made copious notes throughout the video, and left the reading feeling really upbeat and good about my life! I'm planning to get a reading as a gift for a friend, just waiting for her to find out her birth time!

"Thorough and in depth..."

My reading with Jessica was a sacred space, filled with warmth and nourishment for the soul. Messages from the Divine Mother came through loud and clear, creating a roadmap for healing and growth. With intution and compassion, Jessica saw the connections in the cards, and was able to weave it all together in a way that only a skilled tarot reader can. By taking action on the messages that came forward, I have sparked change in my life.

Dolores R
"A sacred space, filled with warmth and nourishment for the soul"

“I received a "Life Purpose and Astrology Reading: Where Am I Headed” reading from Jessica in early 2022. I must say I was simply amazed at how thorough and insightful this reading was! I admit I felt a little apprehensive about seeking out such a reading, as I recently turned 60 and thought that perhaps looking for a “life purpose” might be something only someone younger should do. But Jessica’s reading and words were so helpful and encouraging and reassuring that you are never too old to begin anew! She helped me to better understand how my 2nd Saturn return may impact my life and what I might expect in the next few months/years! No matter how old or where you are in life, I encourage this reading for anyone with questions about their life!”

"Thorough and insightful..."

About Me

Jessica Starr

Tarot reader, astrologer & Welsh folk witch

Hello, welcome, croeso. I am Jessica.

I am a folk witch, tarot reader and astrologer. 

I have been studying astrology since the early 1990s and tarot since the early 2000s (when my lovely sister gifted me my first deck) reading mainly for myself, family and friends. 

In 2014 I came out of the tarot and astrology broom closet and since then have been sharing my gifts with those who call on them. 

I live in my ancestral homeland, Wales, with my musician husband and our two unschooled children. My connection to the land where I live, and the other beings - human and other-than-human - who live here, is of central importance to my practice. 

I write poems and prose for those who know that magic is real and that stories hold the power to change the world. My words have been published in magazines, journals and anthologies in the UK and further afield. You can find more about my writing here.

I also have a Youtube channel where I share practical witchy wisdom for crafting a creative, magical life.